Kenya- a beautiful country

Kenya is a beautiful country


Kenya, home of safaris, Is it?

Engaging in tourism activities is fun, most tourists say, but just how many people engage in this kind of fun locally? Leaves many questions to be asked, doesn’t it. Is it lack of disposable income, lack of interest, or maybe lack of interesting destinations in Kenya? or simply not having the right kind of travel gear.  Most people I think may not be sure of what kind of activities to engage in, others may say that tourism may not necessarily be for leisure purposes but for business purposes, which is kind of a forced tourism I say.

Not that many indigenous people in Kenya engage in Safaris for leisure though, but thank God for the few who do. Kenya is a beautiful country, if you have not been in this country, then you have has not seen it all, and luxury definitely is not your middle name. From the Kenya national parks to the exciting wilderness safaris, the greenness and nature of the land is amazing, Kenya has got a lot going for it. It’s amazing how much of a beautiful country we have, yet very few take advantage of this.

All in all, I think it’s good to keep it real, Kenyan and Traditional in whichever place you decide to visit, whatever you decide to wear or carry along with you on your trip, that is, when you decide to go…

Camel basics, African.

sandstorm kenya

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